Driving While Intoxicated in Latham, NY

Driving While Intoxicated a�� New York Vehicle & Traffic Law A�A�1192(2), 1192(3):

In New York, you can be charged with Driving While Intoxicated two different ways. First, you can be charged with DWI if you drive while your blood alcohol content is 0.08% or higher (New York Vehicle & Traffic Law A�1192(2)). Second, you can be charged with DWI even without taking an alcohol test based solely on the observations of the arresting officer (New York Vehicle & Traffic Law A�1192(3)). DWI is a Misdemeanor and carries a fine up to $1,000, up to one year in jail, and a minimum six month license revocation. Additionally, anyone convicted of DWI must install an ignition interlock device in any car they own or drive. A second DWI within ten years is a Felony.