Power of Attorney in Latham, NY

Have you ever wondered who would run your business, pay your bills, make deposits into your bank account, or file your tax returns if you became disabled, impaired or seriously injured? You can rest assured that your daily affairs will be taken care of by executing a Durable Power of Attorney, which allows you to choose a person you trust to act as your legal representative and make binding business and financial decisions on your behalf.

A Power of Attorney can grant considerable power to your designated agent, and it takes effect when it is executed, not when you become incapacitated. For this reason, it is important that you very carefully consider who you appoint your agent and that you thoroughly understand the agenta��s given powers. If you have any reservations, we can restrict the scope of the agenta��s powers, limit how long the document is effective, or appoint multiple agents. Contact us today to create a Power of Attorney specifically tailored to protect your interests.