Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements Attorneys in Latham, NY

A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract between spouses entered into prior to marriage, whereas a Postnuptial Agreement is a contract between spouses entered into after marriage.

The content of each agreement varies widely depending on the spousesa�� circumstances. Typically, however, such agreements stipulate how the spouses will resolve financial issues (i.e. child support, spousal support, equitable distribution of marital property, and/or counsel/expert fees) if the spouses separate or divorce. These agreements can also settle what rights, if any, each spouse will have to the othera��s estate if one of the spouses dies before the other.

If you are considering marriage, or if you are already married and want to better protect your finances, contact us today so we can create a Pre or Postnuptial Agreement tailored to your individual needs. You can never be too safe with your hard earned money.

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