Traffic Attorneys in Latham, NY

Wea��ve all gotten them: the dreaded traffic ticket. Whether you were speeding, ran a red light, or texted while driving, traffic tickets are inconvenient and time-consuming for everyone involved.

Pleading guilty to a moving violation can be very expensive and costly, and the average person does not know this when they agree to a plea bargain. If you obtain eleven or more points on your drivera��s license within eighteen months, or if you have a combination of three speeding violations and/or traffic misdemeanors within eighteen months, regardless of the number of points you get, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your drivera��s license. Furthermore, even if you do not lose your license, drivers with more than six points within eighteen months must pay a civil penalty yearly for three years, with the amount of the penalty increasing for every point greater than six. Failure to pay the penalty can also result in suspension.

We serve all of the areaa��s Town and Village Courts. Often, we can resolve the ticket through the mail or have you execute a waiver of appearance, which authorizes us to enter into a plea on your behalf. Contact Latham traffic attorneys today, and let us minimize the inconvenience of your traffic ticket.