Though some people assume that the only way to finance their property is through mortgages and leading street lenders, that isn’t the case. It is a well-established fact that the approval process is painful, slow, and sometimes unsuccessful. However, as pointed out above, this should not be the case. Hard money loans provide an alternative to banks and other main street lenders. But how do you choose the right company? Below are some tips.

Find A Company Specializing In Hard Money

Upon researching what hard money is and what hard money lending means, you can then start searching for a lender. Go through the lender’s website and ensure that they specialize in hard money lending. A suitable lender should service and originate the loans in-house. Reach out to the company and ask any questions you may have to clear your doubts about the areas of expertise and experience.

Search for Referrals and Reviews

To narrow down the lender’s list, reviews and referrals can help. Ask your friends or search for them online. Hard money lenders specialize in making complex loan scenarios fast and straightforward. Good lenders have good reviews and are more referred. They also are willing to earn your trust. Honesty and transparency will help the lender and borrower have a successful relationship.

Focus on Lowest Rate Vs. Best Value

There is more than getting the lowest interest rates with hard money lending. If you only focus on the lowest interest rates, you might compromise on other terms and services. Instead, focus on the best value; honesty, professionalism, reputation, expertise, and competitive pricing. This way, you can create years of relationships with the lender.

Compare Speed of Funding and Approval

What are your goals and plans? This is a question you need to have an answer to before starting to search for a lender. This informs the timeframe of your needs. Although hard money loans take significantly less time than conventional loans, the time frames differ based on the lender.

Choose Local

Due to various reasons, servicing your loans out of state might prove a challenge. Local lenders like San Diego hard money loans might have valuable insights into the local markets. They can assist you better with the investment because they know the local laws, not forgetting the trust and comfort you attain by working with someone local.


Are you planning on making a competitive bid on some property but need funding? Let no one lie to you that you can only rely on banks and main street lenders. You can take out a hard money loan from your nearest lender, like California Hard Money Direct. You will get the money fast, meaning you can bid before others.