For some business owners, the question of whether they should be using a text messaging service to reach their customers is complicated. They think they’re too small, and they’re not sure if the investment is worth it.

Here’s why they should consider it. What follows is a rundown of why text messaging is important for your business, regardless of how small your business is and how little money you have to invest.

The Open Rate

If there’s one single argument that should resonate with any business owner, it’s the open rate for text messaging as a way to reach customers. It’s 98 percent, as opposed to the open rate for email, which is around 20 percent.

Moreover, text messages also have a higher response rate—it’s around 45 percent, while email weighs in at a rather pathetic 6 percent.

That makes text messaging ideal for virtually any marketing campaign. Text messages can be simple, short and quick to read, which means your customers will know about special offers while those emails from your competitors are still languishing unopened in various inboxes.

The Speed Factor

Some people still believe that phone calls are the best vehicle for personal communication, but those folks are living in the past.

In today’s world, time-sensitive messages should be texted, where they’ll be received in a fraction of the time it would take you to call everyone on your customer contact list.

The rapid responses you receive to your marketing texts will result in purchases, and you’ll get them a lot faster than you would off a phone campaign.

The Personal Touch

Now let’s talk about the message itself. We live in a world where most people have work lives and personal lives have blurred together, and part of the reason is how common texts are.

Because of these factors, you need to add a personal touch to your text messages. Feel free to add photos or use emojis, and treat every text exchange as if it was a personal dialogue.

Your customers will identify with you and your product if you do things that way, and that will result in purchases.

The Wave of the Future

There’s one other big reason you should consider adding text messaging to your business—it’s the wave of the future. Text messaging isn’t going to go away, and it allows you to connect with customers on their terms.

You can’t afford to fall behind, so go to and find out how to catch up with the pack and then lap the field.

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