Having cosmetic or reconstructive surgery isn’t an easy decision. However, it can positively impact your life by rectifying a flaw or enhancing your appearance and how you feel about yourself. Unfortunately, finding the right facial cosmetic surgeon to correct the facial parts you’re discontented with is seemingly becoming an arduous task. This is because many people are claiming to be professional cosmetic surgeons, yet they aren’t certified and licensed to offer any form of cosmetic surgery. This means you’ve to be cautious not to fall into the trap of such unprofessional cosmetic surgeons.

This article will discuss some of the crucial factors you need to consider when looking for a facial cosmetic surgeon.

  • Seek Referrals

Kick off this process by asking your physician for a referral list of the most reputable facial cosmetic surgeons. You can as well seek recommendations from other healthcare practitioners, friends, colleagues, and family members. Using the provided referral list, search for every surgeon’s qualifications and experiences in the various authoritative sites. The next step is to make a call to the surgeon’s office to determine if he or she is admitting new patients. If yes, seek a consultative appointment and get to interact with the plastic surgeon.

  • Find out the Surgeon’s Qualifications

When looking for a facial cosmetic surgeon, the other essential factor you need to consider is board certification. Certification acts as proof that the doctor has met the required training, skills, and experience to carry out plastic surgery. It’s also essential to ascertain that the doctor has never been involved in any malpractice acts or disciplinary actions. All this information, including the medical school and training hospital the doctor attended, can be found on state websites and various authoritative sites.

  • Experience

Experience is of the essence when searching for a facial plastic surgeon. A veteran plastic surgeon is more likely to deliver better results than an inexperienced counterpart as he or she is more informed on a particular condition or procedure. A seasoned rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Kotler is well knowledgeable about performing various cosmetic surgeries and even stop surgical complications immediately they occur. Keep in mind to ask the plastic surgeon you’re about to hire about the number of patients sharing the same condition as yours she has treated.

  • Gender

Although many people underrate this factor, it’s necessary to consider gender when looking for a facial cosmetic surgeon. You need a person you are free to discuss and share your confidential information with. However, if this is not a concern to you, ignore it. Traditionally, cosmetic plastic surgery was centered on female patients; however, things have quickly changed, and men are now seeking facial plastic surgery though their needs are a bit different. Lastly, ask the plastic surgeon about his or her experience regarding your condition and gender.


The discussed above are some tips that can aid your search for a facial cosmetic surgeon to address your perceived flaws.